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In the studio...

'Hill Pony' Original By Megan Cobley

About me

Welcome to my website! I am delighted to be able to share my work with you.

My name is Megan Cobley, I am an artist and illustrator working in a variety of styles and media using both traditional and contemporary techniques. My interest in drawing and illustration has always been present but there is one photography project that defines the beginning of this new venture of mine. This particularly relates to the graphite drawings.

To explain, I must first take you back a few years to the energised, atmospheric and gloriously muddy fields where I worked as an equine event photographer! Here, I was afforded the opportunity to closely observe a vast number of horses, the way they move, their conformation, personalities and more. To capture the essence of what I saw I began creating a fine art photographic series in black and white. During this time it was suggested to me that I try drawing in a similar style. It had been a while since I put pencil to paper so I pondered the idea with some trepidation. But the thought always stayed with me in the back of my mind, till one day I simply decided, why not give it a try?

Fast forward to today and graphite pencil has now become the medium through which I translate my observations.

For a greater insight into my graphite drawing process you may be interested in my ‘Exploration into monochrome graphite’ write up. This can be found under the heading Graphite Pencil.

When I am not working on a graphite project I can often be found experimenting with other media, such as pen and ink. Making sure to keep the ink VERY far away from my graphite drawings!

Working with pen and ink I find myself tapping into a different aspect of my creative expression. These pieces are more freely imaginative and in some ways less representational.

There are common themes that transcend the individual media I work in. At first glance horses would be the most obvious one! But I also endeavour to use intricate lines and tonal values to create detail. The beauty of life is often in the details that we don’t always have time to admire.

I am looking forward to sharing new collections of work in the future!


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