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An Exploration into Monochrome Graphite

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Why work in monochrome?

Monochrome has a timeless quality. The graphite pencil is incredibly versatile and I am constantly learning about the diversity of tone and texture that can be achieved with this simple tool.

The drawing process

I begin a new piece by considering areas of the page I will not be drawing on! The relationship between my subject and the white space is very important, as is the space between interacting subjects.

Once I have established an outline I start working in small areas marking out basic muscle tone, hair direction, fabric folds etc. The overall drawing has multiple layers to produce the desired depth of graphite and detail. I often get carried away working more and more subtle details into my drawings!

How long does each drawing take?

A good estimate for small to medium pieces would be approximately 50-80 hours.

And when is a piece finished?

There comes a point where I have to put down the pencils and step back. If I was to start the same drawing again I would draw it in a different way to the one I had just finished. It is important to know when a drawing needs more and when more would be superfluous.

The entire process is both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Future collections

I will be releasing new work at intervals throughout the year and beyond. Keep an eye on my website and social media for updates on new additions.

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