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A World of Imagination
in Pen & Ink


The appeal of Pen & Ink

As soon as ink meets paper the adventure begins.

With this medium I work without reference to any specific source, just a nebulous starting point somewhere in my head. I then let the lines, dots and shapes flow and evolve in an intuitive way. Any kind of decision-making process is guided by what feels right and looks balanced. Sometimes, magic happens!

How long does each piece take to draw?

As with my graphite drawings, it is very difficult to give a precise timeframe for my pen and ink drawings. Time taken per piece is influenced more by the complexity and intricacy of the design rather than the scale of the final outcome. It can range anywhere from a day to a week and beyond!

Collection launch & future work

I am always working on new artwork and look forward to releasing new prints at intervals during the year and beyond. Keep checking my website and social media if you would like to stay up to date!

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